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UPDATE 12-2-20 9:00AM: Station is out of fuel. We are working with our supplier on delivery schedules. Dear True Zero customers, Our supplier has notified us that there will be a temporary hydrogen shortage caused by the current weather in the southeastern United States. Deliveries will be limited, and some stations may only receive partial fills during this time. We are working closely with our supplier and will post delivery updates and station status throughout the day on TrueZero.com, Facebook, and M.CAFCP.org. Please make sure to check these sites before traveling to a station. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience this may cause. -Your True Zero Team.

True Zero
(844) 878-9376

2855 Winchester Boulevard
Campbell, CA 95008

45 seconds ago
H70: DOWN 8 kg
H35: DOWN 17 kg
10 min Status
UpTime: 0 %
Capacity: 17 kg
60 min Status
UpTime: 0 %
Capacity: 17 kg
Availability this week = 23%

4-day Capacity History (kg)

 Wed Tue Mon Sun 25 50 75 100

4-day Up-Time History (%)

 Wed Tue Mon Sun 50 100

10-week Availability (%)

 50 100


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