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9/17 640pm: Sacramento is offline due to low supply. Please note any alerts of online status are due to maintenance only until we provide an update here that a delivery has been received. 8/20 SUPPLY DISRUPTION: We have been notified by our hydrogen supplier of a supply disruption due to equipment issues. Please see the CaFCP notice for more details.

(888) 380-5259

3510 Fair Oaks Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95864

Current: 62°F
Today's High: 87°F
Tomorrow's High: 87°F
16 seconds ago
H70: UP 239 kg
H35: UP 0 kg
10 min Status
UpTime: 100 %
Capacity: 239 kg
60 min Status
UpTime: 100 %
Capacity: 245 kg
Availability this week = 8%
Green: UP, Light Green: Refresh, Yellow: Limited, Red: DOWN

4-day Capacity History (kg)

 Sun Sat Fri Thr 50 100 150 200 250

4-day Up-Time History (%)

 Sun Sat Fri Thr 50 100


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