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A new style Nozzle has been installed. This should help clear up all the freezing/sticking issues at this site. It is a push on and slide sleeve back to remove. Instructions are posted on the dispenser if needed. Please take care when removing and inserting back into the Nozzle Holder. Newly painted yellow arrows and signs have been posted to help avoid blocking the gas station pumps. Please follow arrows and line up behind the line while waiting for the Hydrogen dispenser. Thank You for your cooperation

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(800) 224-2724

1819 Cloverfield Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404

56 seconds ago
H70: UP 170 kg
H35: UP 170 kg
10 min Status
UpTime: 100 %
Capacity: 171 kg
60 min Status
UpTime: 100 %
Capacity: 176 kg
Availability this week = 85%

4-day Capacity History (kg)

 Fri Thr Wed Tue 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200

4-day Up-Time History (%)

 Fri Thr Wed Tue 50 100

10-week Availability (%)

 50 100


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